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100+ Christmas Quotes | Christmas Wishes | Merry Christmas Quotes

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, so to help you get in the spirit, we’ve created a list of the best Christmas quotes ever. They’ll fill your heart with joy and remind you of the reason for the season. Many of these quotes are from famous figures or Christmas movies you know and love, so you’ll definitely recognize some of the words. As you’re wrapping gifts for friends and family members, try out one one of these quotes to write on the tag, it’s a little something extra that will make them feel loved.

“Christmas isn’t a season. It’s a feeling.” 

“My idea of Christmas, whether old-fashioned or modern, is very simple: loving others. Come to think of it, why do we have to wait for Christmas to do that?” 

“May you never be too grown up to search the skies on Christmas Eve.”

“I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store and he asked for my autograph.” 

“Christmas is not a date. It is a state of mind.”

“I will honour Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year.”

“Christmas is not a time nor a season, but a state of mind. To cherish peace and goodwill, to be plenteous in mercy, is to have the real spirit of Christmas.” 

“Unless we make Christmas an occasion to share our blessings, all the snow in Alaska won’t make it ‘white’.” 

“No man is a failure who has friends.” 

“God bless us, every one!” l

“Our hearts grow tender with childhood memories and love of kindred, and we are better throughout the year for having, in spirit, become a child again at Christmastime.” 

“Christmas is doing a little something extra for someone.” 

“I don’t think Christmas is necessarily about things. It’s about being good to one another.” 

“Peace on earth will come to stay, When we live Christmas every day.” 

“Christmas is a day of meaning and traditions, a special day spent in the warm circle of family and friends.” 

“Christmas is a time when everybody wants his past forgotten and his present remembered.” 

“I heard the bells on Christmas Day / Their old familiar carols play / And wild and sweet, the words repeat / Of peace on earth, good-will to men.” 

“One can never have enough socks,” said Dumbledore. “Another Christmas has come and gone and I didn’t get a single pair. People will insist on giving me books.” 

“A lovely thing about Christmas is that it’s compulsory, like a thunderstorm, and we all go through it together.”

“Just remember, the true spirit of Christmas lies in your heart.”

“I don’t want Christmas season to end, because it’s the only time I can legitimately indulge in on particular addiction: glitter.”

“At Christmas, all roads lead home.”The Cheerful season of Christmas brings that special spirit of loving the idea of life. Make every bit of life an odyssey to remember!!

“Christmas, the day when we celebrate the birth of Jesus, imparts to the world that magical power to look for good in devoting our lives in working for the well being of people.”

“The blinding glory of Jesus was so very much intense that it enlightened the world and Christmas teaches us to keep learning the art of giving and receiving and making family, friends and acquaintances happy.”

“May this Christmas help conclude the present year on a cheerful note and make way for a bright year ahead. Merry Christmas!”

“By all means use sometimes to be alone. Salute thyself; see what thy soul doth wear.”

“I heard the bells on Christmas Day, their old, familiar carols play. And wild and sweet, the words repeat, of peace on earth, good-will to men!”—Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

“Christmas is a baby shower that went totally overboard.”

“Santa Claus has the right idea. Visit people only once a year.”

“My husband’s idea of getting the Christmas spirit is to become Scrooge.”

“Keep your friends close, your enemies closer, and receipts for all major purchases.”

“I haven’t taken my Christmas lights down. They look so nice on the pumpkin.”

“The Christmas tree is a symbol of love, not money. There’s a kind of glory to them when they’re all lit up that exceeds anything all the money in the world could buy.”

“Let us keep Christmas beautiful without a thought of greed.”

“What is Christmas? It is tenderness for the past, courage for the present, hope for the future.”

“Like snowflakes, my Christmas memories gather and dance – each beautiful, unique, and gone too soon.”

“Peace on earth will come to stay, when we live Christmas every day.”

“It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas;
Soon the bells will start,
And the thing that will make them ring
Is the carol that you sing
Right within your heart.”

“Christmas gift suggestions: to your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect.”

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